The patented single-rider golf car that goes everywhere the golfer goes-onto the tees, into the traps and even onto the greens.





What is an adaptive golf car?

  An adaptive golf car is one that assists golfers with limited or no mobility.

How does the Golf Xpress assist the golfer?

  Golf Xpressallows the golfer with mobility challenges to compete and keep pace with any other golfer. It is designed to have a golfer play entirely from the car (if needed) as it can go onto the tees, into the traps and roughs, and onto the greens without damaging the course.

ow does Golf Xpress
prevent damage to the course?

  First, Golf Xpress is lightweight and rides on smooth balloon-type tires, making for a very light impression on the turf. The rear wheels are set outside of the front, so each blade of grass is run over only once.  Golf Xpress is battery powered, so no gas or oil leaks onto the course. Finally, acceleration and deceleration rates are adjustable and can be modified, if necessary, to make for smoother starts and stops.

How can you play seated?

  The seat on the Golf Xpress is height adjustable and rotates 360 to allow the golfer to get into the best position for their shot. The seat can be stopped anywhere in that rotation, not just at predetermined spots. The golfer uses our unique wraparound handrail to first transfer onto the car, drive to their ball, and then uses that same handrail to position themselves for a shot. An adjustable restraint (a.k.a. seat belt) can be loosened or tightened to allow the golfer more or less of a body angle when swinging.

How can I drive and use the Golf Xpress
if I can't use my legs?

  All controls are hand operated - either right or left.  Squeeze to move and release to stop. All items you'll need, from clubs to tees, are easily within reach. There is also a convenient storage area.

Do I need special clubs to play from a
Golf Xpress?

  No, special clubs are not required, but it's really a matter of personal preference. Many Golf Xpress riders use regular off-the-shelf clubs while some are more comfortable with a design specifically suited to their style. It depends on how you choose to adjust the seat, how far you choose to lean out, and how you swing.

I have some mobility, what can Golf Xpress
do for me?

  Two things mainly. If you can stand but not walk or balance, you can use the Golf Xpress arm rests and a special restraint belt to get into a standing position where you are held in place between the seat and restraint. If you can walk short distances, you can use Golf Xpress just to get close to your ball and conserve your energy.  After you take your shot, Golf Xpress is right there to take you away.



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